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Who am I?

My name is Hylke Jorrit Langhout and I’m a writer. My areas of expertise are videogames, tabletop games, music, and professional wrestling. I focus primarily on the relationship between stories and the people that both tell and listen to them, as I find it a personally fascinating subject that I want to explore.

I am also a consultant working with people to improve their English-language writing skills. I offer personalized one-on-one consultations where we look at your text and discuss improvements together over video call.

Previous Work

In the past, I’ve posted my writing on Screwattack.com’s blogging section (which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore). I also contributed to the community-run g1 Features project, which was dedicated to having multiple community members working together to create all sorts of videogame-centered media. I co-wrote a number of the monthly Previews, which took a brief look at all of the games coming out in the following month. I was also one of the people responsible for editing the spelling and grammar of a number of the posts on g1 Features.

I spent 2016 to 2018 as a GoodGamesWriting curator, where I searched the internet in for interesting and high-quality games writing.

In 2020 I started having my writing be featured on Liftoff! Magazine and 100 Word Game Reviews.

I have also been published at:

The Indie Game Website


Gayming Magazine

Business Information and Rates

I am available for writing and podcasting on a freelance basis.

My rates for English consultancy are €25 per hour (pre-VAT). Students get a €5 per hour discount, putting them at €20 per hour (pre-VAT).

For business inquiries, I am available at hjlconsultancyandmedia@gmail.com. Please put a brief description of your question in the Subject line.

My VAT ID is NL003689460B70